It's pronounced kōˈäp!

Coop Framework

Coop Framework is my website, my command center for developing LAMP stack based projects with a focus on WordPress and other open source technologies.  There is also a blog where I post documentation, status updates, links, and who knows?  Maybe some day I will even write an article? 

What I Do

I expose the TRUTH about unnecessarily high development and maintenance costs while working on projects, particularly yours.  Over the years I have figured out ways to save on development costs without compromising quality and I am passing the savings on to you.

The LAMP Stack

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

This is how we've been doing it since forever.  The traditional LAMP stack is just as good today as any other technology stack in use so don't believe the hype about other stacks, they are more than likely just costing you more money.  Additionally, by using the LAMP stack you get a ridiculous amount of free open source software saving your organization tons of time and money.

Learn More

Do you have a project that needs a web expert? No problem, Coop Framework has been your web expert since 2009. Contact support to find out more about how coopframework can help.

Coop Framework